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Certified Professional Services

Certified Professional Services (CP Program)

Development Applications Support

Building Code & Fire Safety Review

Staged Building Permit Applications

Staged Construction Process

Monthly Site Reviews

Code Coordination

Fast-Track Projects

Occupancy Permits

Certified Professional Services

Structural Engineering

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Steel, Concrete, Wood & Masonry

Seismic Analysis & Design

Foundations & Deep Piles

Finite Element Analysis

Structural Inspections

Fabrication Drawings

Anchorage Design

Field Reviews

Structural Engineering
Seismic reinforced buildings.jpg

Seismic Retrofit Services

Seismic Project Identification Reports (SPIR)

Lateral Force Resisting Systems (LFRS) Design

Mechanical & Electrical Seismic Restraints

Performance Based Seismic Design

School Seismic Upgrade Program

Residential Seismic Upgrades

Earthquake Hazard Assessment

Seismic Anchorage Design

Seismic Isolation Design

Seismic Retrofit

Civil Engineering

Master, Site & Construction Plan Development

Trenchless Pipeline Construction Design

Water & Sewer Infrastructure

Storm Water Management

Commercial Site Design

Water Treatment Plants

Construction Surveying

Earthwork & Dikes

Surface Drainage

Image by Troy Mortier
Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

HVAC Building Systems Design

Hydraulic & Thermal Analysis

Energy Recovery Systems

Commercial Refrigeration

Geothermal Systems

Infrared Inspections

Hydronic Heating

Plumbing Design


Mechanical Engineering

Building Code Consulting

Certified Professional Services (CP Program)

Building Code Analysis & Design Review

British Columbia Building Code

Vancouver Building By-Law

Fire Protection Consulting

Engineering Judgements

Building Code Research

Alternative Solutions

Permit Applications

Image by Sven Mieke
Building Code Consulting


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